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Calia 31-07-2011

August 6, 2011

If you were in one of the neighborhoods of Switzerland and you see the title of this post written somewhere on a decorated piece of wood hanging either on one tall tree at the front yard or on a window conspicuous to passersby, you would immediately conclude that a baby named Calia has recently been born in that household. Oh yeah, I’m tempted to hang a similar sign on one of the apple trees fronting the farm. However, while Calia is a newborn, it is a heifer calf of a first time heifer. A heifer calf is a newly born female calf. Its mother is a first time heifer, meaning, it is its first time to bring into the world a calf.

It was an easy delivery for the first time heifer last Sunday morning. First, Calia’s front legs tried to ease themselves out of its mother’s opening. With a little pull, half of its body came out, and very soon after, its whole body. The birthing (from the time the front legs were visible to the complete delivery of the calf) was over in 20 minutes. The moment it was completely delivered, the rest of the cows at the farm gave out a long “moooo” sound as if to welcome a new addition to their family.

Here’s a picture of Calia and the first time heifer right after its birth.

Why the name Calia? Well, weeks before its birth (the whole gestation period of a cow takes between 9 and 10 months, so much like humans), I coaxed TKP and his uncle that I liked to name the calf upon its birth. I would have wanted to name it “Philippa.” I was told, however, that a farmer usually names a calf closer to the name of its father, or the bull which sperm was used in the artificial insemination that impregnated the cow. He does it so that it will be easier for him to identify and to choose a successful bull when he needs to have another cow pregnant. According to the farm records, the heifer’s bull father is “Carlos.” Cara, Cala, Carla, and other names closed to Carlos came to mind, but they sounded mundane, well used by humans. Then I thought about “Calia” (pronounced as Ca-li-ya) – a short but rare-sounding name that would still be in close association with its bull father’s name (or at least pronunciation-wise).

So, Calia, welcome to the world of humans and bovines!

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  1. August 6, 2011 6:22 pm

    I think Calia is a beautiful name! Love this little story it reminds me of being woken up by my parents to witness the birth of a calf or two during my childhood. So sweet the picture of proud mom with babe snuggling in the straw.

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