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Here Comes A Day To Fly The Heli, Yay!

August 6, 2011

It’s a warm day today. The forecast says so. It’s still 8am but the sun is shining and no sign of clouds at a distance. Well, it’s Switzerland and it’ll not be surprising if after 30 minutes or so you see an overcast sky. It’s blue at this moment and I’m loving it.

I may not be the only one wishing it to be the same weather until the afternoon. Hubby wants the sun to keep its pace too for 10 hours at least. For that means he can fly his helicopter or his plane after his usual duties at the farm.

Nah, it’s not a Mosquito XE or a Cessna often used by pilots-hobbyists. Hubby flies a remote-controlled heli or plane in his leisure time. I used to think he was drawn to this hobby back in the US where he lived for 15 years, but when I arrived here, I realized flying a RC-heli or plane must be a Swiss thing. Males, young and old, form rc-heli/plane-flying-clubs together (like they do form and join cycling, running clubs), and on a clear day like today, they all troop to the open fields or to the vast grazing farms to fly their little birds.

I have joined my husband several times when he tries out his flying toys. One thing that I notice is that this hobby bonds Swiss guys regardless of age. From where I come from, clubs are composed of members belonging to the same age or to the same age bracket or to the same generation, most often than not. Here, it is the passion to do a common thing that brings people together, never the age.

Anyhow, TKP (that’s how I fondly call my husband here in my blog because “husband” or “hubby” sounds too formal) recently got an iPhone-controlled heli.

A Parrot AR.Drone! Yes, instead of a remote control, he uses Wi-Fi to control the flying pattern of the heli. The Wi-Fi mechanism is, of course, made possible by an iPhone app. Pretty cool, isn’t it? And here’s more: while the heli is up there and flying, he can take a picture of the surrounds because the Parrot AR.Drone has a camera on its snout and streams the footage on the iPhone screen! Here’s an example of a photo taken while the Drone was in flight.

Ahh, is TKP becoming a photo junkie like me? 😉

While my guy is busy flying, I am busy finding subjects for my photo shoots. The meadow is vast, and each blade of grass sways in different directions. To me, it looks like every speck of nature tells its own special story. I definitely find them worthy to take pictures of.




Here’s to more photos of picturesque sceneries on our next flying day. It can be today if the weather cooperates. Tschuss!

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