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Thank God No Rain

July 25, 2011

I was bracing myself for another rainy day earlier today. It was 10 deg C when I woke up, with heavy clouds swirling up above. I told myself “if it won’t rain this morning, it probably will by noon.” Noontime came and went, temperature went up to 15 deg C. Oh, I love it! I love the warmth of summer and the slight wind, but the best thing is, it is not blowing the sun away.

You see, it was raining here for the last five (5) days and nights. Yes, Wednesday through Sunday. They were intermittent downpours that rigged the panoramic view from the living room windows of the rolling green hills not so far away.

I took a picture of the same spot (albeit outside the house) just right now. Green meadows, blue skies with clouds, beautifully aligned pine trees, quaint and charming farm houses from afar – a naturally picturesque summertime in Switzerland.

I am not the only happy one that it hasn’t rained.

The flowers in the garden are glad too.

They look as if they are moving with the wind in a slow, slow dance. Don’t you think so too?



Standing before them, I can feel their rhythm.



Obviously, this bee is also happy.


I hope the sun will again reign tomorrow. For that would mean I would have more beautiful photos of the world around me to share with you.


Scenic Switzerland

July 24, 2011

On my second post in this blog, let me share some photos that I took of this scenic alpine country. These are random snapshots of blue skies and calm lakes, of nature and man, here and there.

Birds resting from their flights with the mountains of Gornergrat in the background

the city of Bern from the top of the Munster Kirche

Lake Sursee in its afternoon splendor

the beautiful things in life are best enjoyed when shared

Heaven on earth

“Let me play your life’s song….”

it's summertime and kids frolic under the sun amidst fountain waters

Wilkommen zu meinem Blog

July 22, 2011

The Matterhorn, Zermatt, Switzerland


“Welcome to my blog” – that’s the title in German. Not that I will be posting articles using the German language here, but that I just want to say that I’m based in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Perhaps in my fervent hope that I can learn how to speak “High German” and at least understand “Swiss-German” (the first in the next few months, but the second in the next few years), my mind scrambles to translate for me what I want to say in my initial post. I hope I can maintain this blog as I can sustain my wish to learn another foreign language. With the scenic splendor of this country I have just embraced as my new home and the adventures that unfold each day as a wife to a Swiss country boy, I’m pretty optimistic that there are several things and events to write about. So why not bring to me Alladin’s oil lamp now, or a jar with Solomon’s stamp, for me to whisper my wish(es) and to get the blog-ball rolling?